The Preamble of the Book


the Sexteens
and the Fake Goddess

The Most Controversial Teen Novel
That Will Change your Life Forevermore

Marie-Ange Gagnon
Frédéric Tremblay
Jacques Tremblay

Glowing Shadow Productions Inc.




Leila’s Fate

August 28th, Toronto, Canada. Leila is shaking with emotion. After several weeks of research on the net, particularly on, and after taking into account the risks involved in joining the Sexteens’ Select Society, she’s determined to carry on. Time’s ticking on; she must join the Society while she is still a young teen.

At the same time, Johanne comes bursting in Leila’s bedroom to lecture her about the first day of school, while the teen, reacting incredibly fast, instantly changes the web page on her computer. Her mother explains to her that the first day of high school is most important for making a good first impression on her teachers, and she prepared her a nice outfit to look serious. Leila takes a step back, looking horrified and disgusted by this attire and sourly retorts:

‘Don’t you think it’s too serious? My friends are gonna laugh at me.’

‘Listen to me, little girl,’ answers Johanne in an authoritarian tone. ‘High school is important, and you know you only have one opportunity to show you’re a serious student. You should follow in Vanessa’s footsteps.’

‘All right! I’ll wear your stupid costume. But now, give me a break.’

‘Well! Stay polite! Okay! You must change your manners with me and Roger too,’ orders Johanne, with a supercilious attitude.

‘I’m absolutely sick of you and Roger…’ bellows Leila.

‘Don’t get all worked up!’

‘I’m gonna be polite when I feel respected…’ she argues, getting so angry that she dashes out to hastily escape.

As it happens so often these last months, Leila and her mother constantly cut each other short, which makes the conversation completely sterile. Exhausted, Leila runs as fast as her legs can carry her, getting short of breath, heading for the Wrights’ villa to take refuge.

The twilight darkens. It is now time for her initiation, which will give her unlimited access to this website that is as much strange as mysterious. Leila chose this villa beforehand for this rite of passage. This waterfront heptagonal house has always attracted the neighbours’ and sailors’ attention, especially with its coral coloured roof. Even though the house is only visible from Lake Ontario on the west side of the city, it is used as a landmark by most navigators. Tonight, the skyline is reddened by the sunset while the twinkling from the seven crimson candles candelabra illuminates both dormer windows on the third and a half storey.

Seven members from the Secret Sexteens’ Society, under the initials S.S.S., are enjoying with great delight this prized moment while secretly surveying what some would call their frightened victim, but for the Sexteens, however, she is rather a precious ally. Leila is standing, sometimes shivering or quivering with fear, sometimes apathetic with sweat. Her body reveals a highly feminine delicacy. Her curly hair cascading down her shoulders displays a shiny glint. Her half-open shirt divulges the roundness of her gorgeous bosom. Leila’s particularly short skirt exposes her barely fleshy buttocks. The greatness of her being, from divine descent, still unknown to Leila, will promise suave harmony to all the initiators as they are preparing to accept Leila as a fully-committed partner for the Sexteens. The ceremony is solemn and the atmosphere, although feverish, radiates a magical feeling marked with respect as much for the rite as for the aspiring entrant.

Leila’s emotions are at a breaking point. Her anxiety and her fear of suffering are matched only by her curiosity and her passion. Leila loves being in control over any situation whether with boys or girls. This evening, Leila is in a vulnerable position and she hates that. In spite of everything, she wants to be part of the Sexteens’ Select Society: to participate in their celebrations, explore the endless mysteries of the maze and eventually, be chosen to initiate new members such as her trustworthy mates.

Her sexteenmother, Vanessa, finally arrives. In a formal and peculiar tone, she lets Leila know it is time for the oath of loyalty. She covers her up with a large ruby cloak. The young neophyte goes along to the adjacent room. In this dark chamber where anonymity reigns, the initiators are all standing in a half-circle. As every initiation rite, an illicit atmosphere is strictly imposed. Complete secrecy is necessary to hide the forbidden, prohibited and taboo actions from censor, principles and judgements of society. Briefly, the dare circumvents all moral rules and laws. The initiators allow themselves certain behaviours hidden from the prying eyes of society and the novices also participate in experiences, which are usually banned. Mysteriously, Aphrodite stands enthroned, centred, appearing virtually, but indisputably genuine.

‘Please step onto the platform’ says Aphrodite in an inviting voice. ‘It is now time to solemnly recite the Sexteens’ holy oath.’

‘I, Leila, aspirant to be a Sexteenian, do solemnly swear, in honour of our goddess Aphrodite, to fulfil with dignity to the requirements of the initiation rites without flinching; to never divulge the secrets of the Sexteens’ Society; to participate in activities and meetings according to my tastes and availability; to explore and to develop my teenage life at my own rhythm inspired by the aphrodisiac cult, which is based on the power of love and the emancipation of my sexuality; to honourably fulfil my own missions; and to offer other Sexteenians the same liberty I am expecting from them. I promise to stand together with the other members in a cooperative spirit. If I fail to comply, whether by action or by omission, with any of my pledges, by behaving dishonestly or untruthfully, I agree the Sexteens’ Society has the right to banish me imperatively. The decision would be final.’

In order to purify the room, Leila is now invited to slowly move around in a circle within the surrounding group while holding burning sage incense in her right hand. She momentarily sits on a warm silky wine-coloured blanket. Then, under the influence of complete euphoria, she lies down gently. Her perception of time, of her surroundings and of her environment is totally petrified. Leila now enters into a space beyond reality; it is a part of herself she never knew existed before.

The next morning, Leila wakes up and feels a new energy swelling within her. She knows she successfully accomplished the Sexteens’ initiation challenge. Despite her efforts however, Leila can’t remember what really happened. She is peaceful and undisturbed by this lapse of memory. Meanwhile, Leila feels a very light, but quite pleasant tingling on her upper right buttock.


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The most controversial teen novel that will change your life forevermore.

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Copyright © 2008 by Marie-Ange Gagnon, Frédéric Tremblay and Jacques Tremblay.

The characters and events in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the authors.

The Sexteens and the Fake Goddess
ISBN : 978-0-9810322-0-7