The Hardcover Edition

An hardcover edition of the most controversial novel is finally available! 

As every teen, Leila Montana and Steve McPhee face a dilemma that will radically change their life. By choosing to belong to the Sexteens’ Select Society, they gain access to a parallel mythological world. The Sexteens bear a Méva, which is a distinctive sign only visible by the persons who were initiated. It is also a conduit to infinite power. Confrontations and conflictual relationships with adults in position of authority explode throughout the school. In the midst of this adventure, two of their pals mysteriously disappear. Driven by their leadership, cleverness and sex appeal, the teens start an investigation that will lead them to fight the Dark Lorddess, Arachne. In this final showdown, will the power of love succeed in overcoming the love of power?

The most controversial teen novel that will change your life forevermore.

The hardcover edition is available today on Amazon in the US, Canada and the UK: